Advanced Options

Currently, the ‘Advanced’ tab allows configuring a set of global parameters, using the “Advanced” tab. Please see Advanced Options Window.

Advanced Options Window

Advanced Options Window

  • Sequences Type: the toolbar enables the navigation sequence to be recorded as a set of NSEQL or http commands. The latter option can be used for very simple accesses, where only http access is required in GET or POST mode.

  • Timeout: specifies the maximum waiting time for a browser to run a sequence. This parameter is used when the user needs to run the navigation sequence from the toolbar.

  • Show warning when a navigation error is detected: specifies if a warning dialog should be shown when a navigation error is detected when accessing to a resource contained in the page (frame, image, etc.) and a IgnoreNavigationError command is added to the sequence.

  • Add Other Dialog Commands: this option tells ITPilot to include dialog box completion commands (as well as proxy dialog box completion, which is configured in the “Proxy” tab) in the sequence. This option only applies to Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

  • Use Regular Expressions to Generalize URL-type Attributes: with this option selected, the toolbar will try to generalize URL attributes that appear in the sequence by means of regular expressions so as to ignore the URL parameters that have session values.

  • Use AJAX Commands: informs the system whether the use of AJAX commands is permitted or not. If it is known that the page to be viewed does not use AJAX, it may be advisable to deactivate this option so as to avoid generating unnecessary commands and parameter values in the sequence.

  • Wait Time: in navigation sequences involving complexities such as JavaScript and AJAX, the commands generated by the toolbar try to automatically detect when the effects in the page caused by a particular action (e.g. a click) have finished. Nevertheless, in certain cases the end of the effects may be not detected. This parameter specifies the maximum time ITPilot will wait for the end of the effects caused by an action to be detected before continuing the sequence anyway.

  • Use IE native text selection: if checked, the toolbar will use the native algorithm of Internet Explorer to select texts on web pages when assigning examples. If it is not checked, an ITPilot internal algorithm will be used. Using ITPilot text selection method, all HTML events fired because of mouse movements or mouse clicks when the user is selecting some text are blocked in order to prevent the page to react to these events and change its current content. Another advantage of the ITPilot text selection method is that it allows selecting a piece of text starting the selection inside a hyperlink without the need of start the selection before or after the hyperlink.

  • Allow XPath to locate elements: if checked, the toolbar will use FindElementByXPath commands to identify elements in the generated NSEQL. If it is not checked, the toolbar will generate other commands of the FindElementByXXX and FindChildElementByXXX families but it will not use FindElementByXPath.

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