Access to Details Pages

In this section we explain how to create and execute navigation sequences that are contextual to the records extracted by an Extractor component. This type of sequences is called “Extractor Sequence”. The most usual type of extractor sequence is accessing ‘details’ pages that provide further information about each of the records in a list of results.

To illustrate the process, we will further extend the webmail wrapper example. Until now, we have developed a process that allows obtaining the list of messages that appear on a page of a Web e-mail application. However, on this page only a sub-group of data for each message appears. Elements such as the message body, the complete date, carbon-copied recipients or attached data appear only in the detail page of each of the messages.

In this section we explain the modifications that need to be made to the example in order to obtain all these data.

The structure now required is the following:

  • MESSAGEDATE: date the e-mail was received

  • SENDER: who sent the e-mail

  • SUBJECT: message title

  • SIZE: size of the message

  • MESSAGE: content of the e-mail

As can be seen, the elements MESSAGEDATE, SENDER, SUBJECT and SIZE are maintained. However, a new field is added, called MESSAGE (that is obtained from the detail pages).

We must, therefore, modify the process in order to add those components that allow the browsing to each one of the detail pages; besides, we will have to modify some of the already existing ones.

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