Managing Extensions

The core functionality of ITPilot can be extended by the use of extensions, that are JAR files containing Java classes that provide new functionality not present in the original product, in the form of custom functions. These classes must be created using the existing extension points that ITPilot provide. The ITPilot Developer Guide explains how to create the classes and packaging them as extensions.

The extension management screen can be accessed by clicking the menu option “Tools > Extensions…”. This screen provides means to add new extensions and delete existing extensions from the environment.

The extensions window shows a list of all the already installed extensions, under the Extensions header (the list will be empty in a newly installed environment). When clicking any of the installed extensions the functions that the extension provides will be shown in the center list, under the Functions header. If any of the functions is clicked, the Signatures list will show all the different signatures that the function provides (as a function can have several signatures with different number and/or types of parameters).

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