Introduction to the Tools

This section describes the basic characteristics of the “Wrapper Generator Tool” (see Main areas of the Wrapper Generation Tool) and the “Sequence Generator” (see Sequence Generation toolbar), although they will be explained in detail in their respective sections (sections Generation Environment Tools - Part I , Generation Environment Tools - Part II and Generating Navigation Sequences of this manual).

To launch the “Wrapper Generator Tool”, you can either use the button of the same name in the “ITPilot” pane of the Denodo Platform Control Center or execute the script <DENODO_HOME>/bin/itpadmintool_start.

The main screen of the Wrapper Generation Tool is shown in Main areas of the Wrapper Generation Tool and is divided into three main areas:

Menu bar: contains the following menus

Browsing Area: this area is divided in two tabs

  • The Projects tab, displays the projects along with the wrappers for each project.

  • The Components tab displays the list of components ready to be used in the wrappers, including those provided by the tool (see Appendix C: Catalog of Components) and any custom components created after the installation (see section Saving a Flow as a Custom Component for further information). This tab is disabled when no wrapper is being edited.

Work area: This is the main area of the tool and is where the wrapper is graphically created by adding, configuring and combining the graphical components into a web automation process.

Main areas of the Wrapper Generation Tool

Main areas of the Wrapper Generation Tool

As it has been already mentioned, the process of wrapper generation is aided by a toolbar installed in the MSIE browser. This toolbar can be seen in Sequence Generation toolbar. The function of each of the buttons and options will be explained in detail in section Generating Navigation Sequences.

Sequence Generation toolbar

Sequence Generation toolbar

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