ITPilot is deprecated and some or all components of ITPilot may be removed in the next major version.

See more details about this in the section Features Deprecated in Denodo Platform 8.0.


This document explains how to visually generate wrapper programs with Denodo ITPilot.

Who Should Use This Document

This document is aimed at developers and administrators that want to carry out any of the following tasks: generate wrappers for web sources for use within Denodo Virtual DataPort, and/or use Denodo ITPilot for web automation or data extraction.

Summary of Contents

More specifically, this document on Denodo ITPilot describes how to use ITPilot Wrapper Generation Tool:

  • The wrapper will be modeled as a process flow comprising different components. Each component applies a specific function on a group of inputs and produces one output. This document describes the structure of the flows and the components comprising them.

  • Describes how the Wrapper Generation Tool works with a series of examples, and how to use it to generate wrappers on sources with different levels of difficulty.

  • It explains how to deploy the generated wrappers in the ITPilot running environment.

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