List of NSEQL Commands

This section provides a detailed list of all the NSEQL commands. The commands are grouped as follows:

  • Navigation commands.

  • Commands for processing links and maps.

  • Commands for selecting forms.

  • Commands for executing actions on elements of a form.

  • Commands for selecting frames.

  • Commands for selecting elements.

  • Commands for executing actions on an element.

  • Commands for handling windows.

  • Commands for handling pop-up dialogs

  • Commands for editing browser properties.

  • Informative commands.

  • Conversion commands

  • Commands for executing code

  • Commands for clearing browser data.

Subsection Usual Parameters describes in more detail some parameters that are common to a high number of commands. The following subsections respectively deal with each of the command groups mentioned. The order in each group is alphabetical. For each command, the function is described briefly as well as the parameters it should receive and the value returned as a result of its execution. This output value can be useful in debugging and is shown in its execution trace by the ITPilot generation environment tools that allow NSEQL programs to be generated and executed.

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