Execution Environment

This is the continued operation environment, in which the user can use previously created wrappers to launch queries on isolated sources. This use may be direct (through an API or publishing the wrapper as a Web Service) or through other products such as Denodo Virtual DataPort, with which Denodo ITPilot is fully integrated. The components that make up this environment are as follows:

  • Wrapper Server: this is the component responsible for storing wrappers for accessing. These include a remote interface for statement execution.

  • Browser Pool: when a wrapper is executed, a browser type can be selected: MSIE browser (automatic navigation module based on Microsoft Internet Explorer) or Denodo browser (based in HTTP as an access method). In this case, the Wrapper Server uses the Browser Pool to minimize the time required to create browser instances. This pool can be configured from the administration tool.

  • PDF Conversion Server: this is the component responsible for transforming PDF documents to HTML using Adobe Acrobat Professional, so their content can be extracted by Denodo ITPilot.

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