Generation Environment

This environment includes the group of components necessary for creating wrappers from DEXTL data extraction specifications and NSEQL navigation sequences. The components it uses are as follows:

  • Generation Tools: tools for generating data extraction specifications and navigation sequences are graphical applications that allow a non-technical user to create Web wrappers. For more information we recommend reading the ITPilot Generation Environment Guide.

  • Generation Browser Pool: this environment uses a Browser Pool internally to check the navigation sequences and final specification.

  • PDF Conversion Server: this environment makes use of an embedded PDF conversion Server, which transforms PDF documents to HTML, using Adobe Acrobat Professional, and is automatically started. This server will be used by the Generation Tool to perform the required conversions. The execution time conversions are performed by the Execution Environment’s PDF conversion server, which is a separate component.

In addition, and although it does not belong to this environment per se, generator tools may need to store the wrapper created. The Wrapper Server in the Execution Environment is used to do this (see the next section).

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