The Extensions section allows displaying, adding and deleting the extensions that are installed in the server. The extensions are JAR files that add new functionality to the standard Denodo Platform (more information about how to create extensions is available in the ITPilot Developer Guide).

The currently installed extensions are displayed in a list. For each extension, the name of the JAR file that contains the extension is shown, along with the list of elements that the extension adds to the server.

To add a new extension from the web administration tool, the user should click on the “Load extension” button and then select the file by clicking on the “Choose File…” button, and finally click on the “Load” button. The extension will be installed and will appear in the list.

To delete an extension, the user can click on its image0 button. It is also possible to delete several extensions at the same time by marking the check boxes to the left of their respective entries in the extensions list and clicking on the button image1, that is located in the list header. Marking the topmost check box, the one with the label “All/None”, will select all the extensions currently visible in the list.

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