Database Configuration

The Verification Server needs to collect some information about the wrappers it monitors, in order to be able to detect changes in the underlying web sources. The data collected consist in examples of the queries performed against such wrappers, along with the returned results.

The database where this information is stored is configurable. The configuration parameters are the following:

  • Provider: database provider (by default: derby). The possible values are derby, mysql and oracle. When selecting a value, sensible default values will be assigned to the rest of database parameters, when applicable.

  • JDBC URL: URL access to the Database for the JDBC driver (by default: jdbc:derby:maintenance).

  • User/Password: user and access password (by default: maintenance/maintenance).

  • JDBC driver: JDBC driver to be used (by default: org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver). If the driver is not distributed with the Denodo Platform, copy the driver to the directory <DENODO_HOME>/extensions/thirdparty/itp-lib.

  • Pool size: maximum number of simultaneous connections the pool will allow (by default 5).

  • Test query: test query executed on the DBMS. The connection pool, before assigning any of the free connections in the queue, will check to verify if the connection is valid or not (by default: SELECT * FROM ping_table).

Database Configuration Tab for the Verification Server shows these configurable parameters in the Database Configuration section.

Database Configuration Tab for the Verification Server

Database Configuration Tab for the Verification Server

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