If no specific appenders are configured for the wrapper execution trace log categories, a default FileAppender will be created, using as template the FILEOUT appender found in the log4j configuration file. Most of the configuration is inherited from FILEOUT, in particular the folder path of the output file. The name of the output log file itself is determined as follows:

  • If all the executions of the wrapper are logged to same file (ITPCore.LOGGING_MODE=1), the name of the file will be the same as the name of the wrapper.

  • If each execution is logged to a different file (ITPCore.LOGGING_MODE=2), the name of each log file will be the name of the wrapper + a timestamp (format ‘yyyyMMddHHmmssSSS’) + an execution id, e.g. “TestWrapper.20110323143206698.1”.


The default appender is added to the wrapper log categories with the “additivity” property set to “false”, which means that the log messages are not sent to the appenders of the ancestor categories (i.e. the wrapper execution trace log messages are not logged in the Wrapper Server/Wrapper Generation Tool main log file).

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