Hive for Parquet files

The catalog type hive-hadoop2 is used to access Parquet datasets stored in any Object Storage. These Parquet datasets are mapped to Hive tables in a Metastore, that can be the Embedded Hive Metastore or any External Metastore.

# Embedded Hive Metastore

To query Parquet datasets you have to create Hive tables in the Denodo Embedded MPP. You can use the embedded data source in Denodo to graphically explore Parquet datasets (including those using the Hive style partitioning), create tables and base views in Denodo.

Explore Parquet files

Explore Parquet files


To graphically explore Parquet datasets you need the Denodo subscription bundle Enterprise Plus and the update 8.0u20230301.


The Denodo Embedded MPP provides the following features when treating with Parquet files:


  • Inserts: it is not possible to insert data into views created from Parquet files using the From Object Storage tab of the Embedded MPP data source.

For more information see Manage Views Created from Parquet Files.

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