External Access to Embedded MPP

The presto.service section of the values.yaml configures how the Denodo Embedded MPP will be exposed to Denodo server, based on the Kubernetes service type.

    # -- Service type: ClusterIP, NodePort or LoadBalancer
    type: LoadBalancer
    annotations: {}
  • The options for the Kubernetes service type are:

    • LoadBalancer. It is the option configured by default. With this option your cloud provider will provision a load balancer automatically.

    • ClusterIP. This is usually combined with:

      • Ingress. See Ingress section for details on how to configure it.

      • Route. This option is only available in OpenShift, since routes are specific to OpenShift. You will have to create it manually.

  • annotations: Service annotations. Consult cloud provider documentation for specific annotations to configure the LoadBalancer service, such as IP addresses or timeouts.

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