S3-compatible Storage

In order to access datasets stored in S3-compatible storage, like MinIO, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Dell EMC ECS, etc, you have to configure the following parameters in values.yaml file:

  • presto.hive.s3Endpoint: The storage endpoint server. It can be found in the documentation of the S3-compatible storage.

  • presto.hive.s3PathStyleAccess: true. This determines whether the bucket name is provided in path-style (e.g., or virtual hosted-style (e.g.,

Then, you have to provide credentials to the deploy command: deploy --s3-access-key xxx --s3-secret-access yyy --credstore-password zzz
  • --s3-access-key: the Access Key Id

  • --s3-secret-access: the Secret Access Key. If this secret is not specified in the command line, deploy will prompt for it, keeping secrets out of the bash history

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