Denodo Platform - Feature Packs

As logical architectures evolve beyond the traditional Data Virtualization to become the foundation of a broader Data Fabric, Denodo has expanded its product capabilities along those lines as well. A Data Fabric requires advanced capabilities in areas like AI/ML, semantics, and collaboration to support this new paradigm. The goal of a data fabric is to enable faster, informed, and automated data access, integration, and delivery.

With this in mind, we now offer two feature packs:

  1. The “AI & Recommendations Feature Pack”: it includes an AI-driven recommendation engine based on past activity in Denodo.

  2. The “Semantics Feature Pack”: extends and enhances the metadata that can be represented in virtual models.

These feature packs are only available with the Enterprise Plus subscription bundle. Contact your sales representative for more details about this offering. To begin using a Feature Pack you do not need to install a new component, only install a new license file.

In the future, the Feature Packs will include new capabilities like additional semantics (e.g., column tagging) and semantic-based security policies to improve exploration, classification, and security for data across the enterprise.


To find out the subscription bundle you have, open the About dialog of Design Studio, the Data Catalog or the Administration Tool.

AI & Recommendations Feature Pack

The AI & Recommendations Feature Pack includes this:

  • Automatic recommendation of summaries: Denodo Platform 8.0 has a new feature called Smart Query Acceleration that relys on a new type of view called Summary. This Feature Pack includes an AI-driven assistant that, using artificial intelligence, analyzes the past queries and recommends new summaries for query acceleration.

  • Automatic recommendation of datasets in the Data Catalog: the Data Catalog displays personalized recommendations to the users, based on their previous activity (e.g. most used, recently used, etc.). These recommendations show up in the homepage of the Data Catalog.

Semantics Feature Pack

The Semantics Feature Pack includes this: