Restrictions of Denodo Express

Denodo Express has some restrictions compared to a full installation of the Denodo Platform.

The installer of Denodo Express is the same as the installer of the Denodo Platform provided to customers. If you are evaluating Denodo using Denodo Express, you can purchase a full license at a later date and you will not have to re-install the software; you will only need to replace the license file included in Denodo Express with the one provided by the Support Team.

Restrictions of Denodo Express

Restrictions of Denodo Express

Number of user accounts


Virtual DataPort includes a default administrator account (“admin”). As the license only allows you to have one user account, you will always have to use “admin”.

Maximum number of concurrent requests


Maximum number of rows returned by a query


ODBC adapters allowed

Microsoft Access and Excel.

Sources not allowed

Multidimensional databases: SAP BI, SAP BW, Mondrian, Microsoft Analytical Services and Oracle Essbase.

Custom wrappers.

The Denodo Browser client cannot be used to retrieve data from CSV, JSON or XML files.

View parameters

You cannot set view parameters in a derived view.

Importing extensions (jars) is not allowed

This implies not being able to develop custom connectors to sources, custom policies or custom functions.

Version Control System

Disabled. With Denodo Express you cannot store your work in a Version Control System such as Subversion, GIT, etc.

JMS listeners cannot be created

Scheduler: maximum number of jobs


Solution Manager

Not included with Denodo Express.


Not included with Denodo Express.

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