Troubleshooting the Denodo Platform Installer

During the installation of the Denodo Platform, errors may occur that prevent the installation from completing correctly. For example, the user that launches the installer does not have enough privileges to install a Windows service or an antivirus is blocking some files.

The Denodo Platform runs correctly on computers that have an antivirus installed. There are no differences in the stability or performance regardless of whether there is an antivirus or not or if you add the folder of the Denodo Platform to the white-list of the antivirus or not.

This page explains how to troubleshoot issues during the installation process.

These instructions also apply to the installer of the Solution Manager.

If you are going to install the Denodo Platform on Windows Server, you double-clicked install.exe and the installer did not start, do the following:

  1. Right-click install.exe and click Properties

  2. In the tab General, select the check box Unblock.

  3. Click Ok and launch the installer again.

The option Unblock is not available in all versions of Windows server. If this option is not available on your system, keep reading.

Follow these steps to start the installer in debug mode:

  1. Make sure that the user account that you use to launch the installer has privileges to create files on the directory where you are installing the Denodo Platform. To test this, you can create a file there and then, delete it.

  2. If you already run the installer, delete the directory where you tried to install the Denodo Platform.

  3. Start the installer in debug mode:

    1. To run the graphical installer in debug mode, open a command prompt (in Windows, an “admin” command prompt) and execute this:

For Windows

cd denodo-install-8.0
.\jre\bin\java.exe -DDENODO_INSTALL_DEBUG=ENABLED -jar denodo-install-8.0.dat > output-install.log 2>&1

For Linux

cd denodo-install-8.0
./jre/bin/java -DDENODO_INSTALL_DEBUG=ENABLED -jar denodo-install-8.0.dat > output-install.log 2>&1

Once the installation finishes, the file output-install.log will contain logging information and more information about what went wrong. You can remove the part > output-install.log 2>&1 from the command so the logging information is printed on the command line.

  1. To launch the command line installer in debug mode, run this:

For Windows

cd denodo-install-8.0
installer_cli.bat install --debug

For Linux

cd denodo-install-8.0
./ install --debug
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