Importing the Certificates of Data Sources (SSL/TLS Connections)

When Virtual DataPort establishes an SSL or TLS connection with a data source, the data source presents a certificate. Virtual DataPort relies on the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) to check if the certificate is valid. JCA accepts certificates signed by any known Certificate Authority 1 included with the Oracle Java Runtime Environment version 8. However, if the certificate used by the server is signed by an authority not present in this list, you have to import this certificate into the list of trusted certificates (called TrustStore).

To import a certificate into the TrustStore of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), execute the following commands:

For Windows

.\jre\bin\keytool -importcert -alias <name of the certificate> -file <new certificate>.crt -cacerts -storepass changeit

For Linux

./jre/bin/keytool -importcert -alias <name of the certificate> -file <new certificate>.crt -cacerts -storepass changeit

Explanation of the parameters:

  • alias: this parameter is mandatory. The certificate will be stored in the TrustStore identified by this alias. If the TrustStore already contains a certificate with this alias, use another alias.

  • keystore: path to the TrustStore where the certificate will be stored. <DENODO_HOME>/jre/lib/security/cacerts is the path of the TrustStore of the JRE included in the Denodo Platform.

    If you have uncommented the property of the file <DENODO_HOME>/conf/vdp/, the value of this parameter has to be the value of this property, instead of <DENODO_HOME>/jre/lib/security/cacerts. That is because, if this property is uncommented, Virtual DataPort will use the TrustStore set in this property of the file, instead of the JRE one.

    If you are going to launch Virtual DataPort with a JRE not included in the Denodo Platform and the property is commented, the value of this parameter has to be the path to the cacerts file of this other JRE, which is located in the directory lib/security of the JRE.

To check that the certificate has been imported correctly, execute this command:

<DENODO_HOME>\jre\bin\keytool -list -v -alias <name of the certificate> -keystore

After adding a certificate, you have to restart the Virtual DataPort server in order for the changes to take effect.

The keytool documentation for Windows and Linux provides much more details about the parameters of this tool.



To obtain the list of Certificate Authorities recognized by Java, open a command line and execute this:

For Windows

cd jre\bin
keytool -list -storepass changeit -keystore ..\lib\security\cacerts

For Linux

cd jre/bin
./keytool -list -storepass changeit -keystore ../lib/security/cacerts
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