What Is New in Denodo 8.0u20220126

This page lists the main enhancements added in the update 8.0 20220126.

We also published these videos that explain the enhancements included in this update:

For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes, read the Release Notes of the update, in the Support Site or inside the zip file of the update.

Virtual DataPort

  • New feature Global Security Policies. A Global Security Policy is a set of restrictions that apply to all/some users over all/several views that verify certain conditions. These restrictions can be masking the result of some queries depending on the user that runs the query, rejecting the query, etc.

    They are easier to manage than the current view restrictions (Row Restrictions and Column Privileges) because you can choose to apply a global policy to all the views or the views of certain databases, instead of having to assign the restriction to each view.

  • New performance improvement: when a query has a GROUP BY and the WHERE clause has a condition that involves a view parameter, the GROUP BY is now pushed to the source; before it was not possible.

Virtual DataPort (Data Sources)

  • Added support for new databases:

    • SAP IQ (formerly known as Sybase IQ)

    • Hive 3.0

  • DF, Excel, JSON and XML data sources:

    • You can now use a private key file to authentication against FTP servers. Before, you could only use username/password.

    • Added support to retrieve files from HDFS servers.

  • The SAP BW connector (multidimensional data source) now supports interval variables. To use this feature, grant access to the user account used by Virtual DataPort to connect to SAP BW, over the “RSZ_X_COMPONENT_GET” function (see Grant Privileges in SAP BW for Multidimensional Data Sources).

  • When you create a data source to connect to Google BigQuery, you can now upload the service account key file from the wizard. Before, you had to manually copy this file to the computer that runs the Denodo server.

  • Delimited-file (DF) data sources that point to a .zip file: if the file has several files in it, the data source now processes all the delimited files within that zip file. Before, it only processed the first one. All the files in that zip file have to have the same structure (same columns).

Virtual DataPort (Cache Engine)

  • You can now can now load incrementally the cache of views, summary views, remote tables and temporary tables when the target database is Azure Synapse. With the previous update, you could already do this for other databases (see Incremental Mode.)

Virtual DataPort (Web Services Published by Denodo)

  • The REST web services that you publish now include an OpenAPI viewer (SwaggerUI). With this viewer, the end users of the web service can visualize the OpenAPI document that defines the operations of the web service, and test the operations from the viewer itself.

    Open the root URL of the service from your browser and you will see the link to the viewer. You can also open it from Design Studio, in the summary of the web service.

  • The look & feel of the REST web services and the RESTful web service (i.e. has been modernized.

Virtual DataPort (JDBC Driver)

You can now configure the JDBC driver to generate logging messages that may help you troubleshoot issues. The driver can store these messages in a file or print them in the console. To enable this, you only need to add some properties to the connection URL (see Enabling JDBC Logging).

Virtual DataPort (Operations and Security)

  • When you define a row restriction over a view, you can now choose how to mask the “sensitive values”. You can choose to return the first/last four characters of the value, set the numeric values to 0 or 1, apply your own custom expressions, set the value to null… Before, the only option to mask sensitive values was set them to null.

  • When a user has multiple roles that contain fine-grained privileges like row restrictions, the behavior is now always consistent with the principle that says adding a role can expand your privileges but never restrict them. Visit section Fine-Grained Privileges at View Level for more details about this change.

Virtual DataPort - Design Studio

Following the roadmap, almost all the features of the Administration Tool of Virtual DataPort are now available in Design Studio:

Data Catalog


  • In the result of running a job, you can now open a popup that displays the number of files generated by each exporter and their file name.

Solution Manager

The Automated Cloud Mode of Solution Manager now supports Azure.

The main benefit of the Automated Cloud Mode is that you can instantiate and manage your entire deployment of Denodo servers without having to create and configure custom Azure elements and without SSH connections to each individual instance to configure various settings.

To automate the installation and launch of the Denodo Platform servers, the Solution Manager requires a service account for Azure provided by your organization. The Solution Manager automates the deployment of the Denodo Platform and the infrastructure is still under the control of your organization and no one outside your organization can access it.

You can now configure the monitoring feature of Solution Manager graphically. Before this update, you had to modify some configuration files manually.

Information about Deprecated Features

With the release of this update, we have deprecated these features:

  • The parameter --property cluster of the script export is now deprecated.

See also: Features Deprecated in Denodo Platform 8.0.

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