What Is New in Denodo 8.0u20240306

This page lists the main enhancements of the update 8.0u20240306 of the Denodo Platform and the Solution Manager.

For the full list of enhancements and bug fixes, read the Release Notes in the Support Site, in the page of this update.

Virtual DataPort

  • New function REGEXP_COUNT: returns the number of times a pattern (a regular expression) occurs in a string.

Virtual DataPort - Data Sources

  • New JDBC adapter: Google Spanner. It includes support for the service Spanner Data Boost.

  • These JDBC adapters now support OAuth authentication:

    • Azure SQL

    • Databricks

    List of JDBC adapters that support OAuth authentication.

  • In the data sources DF, Excel, JSON and XML that connect to the source with OAuth authentication, you can now configure them with pass-through session credentials (for users that log in to Virtual DataPort with OAuth).

Virtual DataPort - Execution Engine

  • Improvements of the cost=based optimizer when estimating the cost of executing queries like these:

    • Queries with redundant conditions (conditions over the same fields).

    • Queries that use aggregation functions and involve the Denodo MPP engine.

  • The Execution Engine is now capable of optimizing CROSS JOINs in certain scenarios, by converting them to INNER JOINs, without altering the result of the query.

Virtual DataPort - Cache Engine

Virtual DataPort - Design Studio

  • Usability feature: you can now add/remove tags of a derived view in the view itself (in the tab Metadata) and its columns; without having to open the tag.

Virtual DataPort - Operations and Security

  • There are new roles that allow the administrator of Virtual DataPort to segregate the privileges among different users. Once of the new roles is configure_server; users that have it can modify anything in Server configuration but cannot query any views. This could be useful for your production servers.

  • The script export has a new parameter, to export multiple views at once: --view.

Data Catalog

The previous update, included the feature Assisted Queries. With this feature, you can type a query in natural language to obtain the data you need, without having to know SQL or type complex SQL queries. Using Artificial Intelligence/Large Language Models (LLMs), this feature generates a SQL query that returns the data you need, based on the view’s metadata and your query.

This update includes additional enhancements for this feature:

  • The administrator can configure Data Catalog to connect to Azure OpenAI via a proxy server.

  • This feature now takes into account the logical names of the fields of the view to generate the SQL query (see Generating a Query).


  • Audit trail: you can now configure Scheduler to keep a trail of all the actions done in Scheduler. The goal is to be able to identify “when and who did what on what element and which was the result”.

  • You can now configure the CSV and Excel exporters to protect with a password the zip files it generates.

  • The feature of storing the metadata of Scheduler now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

Documentation Release Notes

The zip files of the updates no longer include the RELEASE NOTES. Instead, read them in the description of the update, in the Support Site.

We document Denodo Presto Cluster on Kubernetes - User Manual has been now added to the user manuals of Denodo: see Embedded MPP Guide.

Information about Deprecated Features

With the release of this update, we have deprecated these features:

  • In Scheduler, the support for Elasticsearch 5.x and 6.x. Denodo provides full support for Elasticsearch 7.x.

  • QUERY WRAPPER, which allows you to query ITPilot wrappers without creating a base view, is now deprecated. Do not use it to query ITPilot wrappers or any other types of wrappers.

The following features are not going to be available in the next major version (Denodo 9):

  • ITPilot.

  • The Denodo4Eclipse Plugin.

  • In Scheduler, the support for Elasticsearch 5.x and 6.x (future versions of Elasticsearch are still supported).

  • In Virtual DataPort:

    • In the Version Control System feature, the integration with Subversion and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).

    • The VQL functions “IS_PROJECTED_FIELD” and “TEXTCONSTANT”.

    • Widgets.

This list was compiled on May 09, 2024; there could be more features that are already deprecated that finally, will not be available in Denodo 9.

These features were already deprecated with the release of Denodo 8.0 or one of its updates.

The page Features Deprecated in Denodo Platform 8.0 lists all the features that are deprecated..

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