Features Removed from Scheduler 8.0 GA

This section lists the features that are no longer available in Scheduler 8.0.

Data Sources Removed

The following types of data sources have been removed:

  • ITP (ITPilot)

  • ARN (Aracne)

  • Elasticsearch 2.x. Elasticsearch 5.6+, 6.x and 7.x are still supported.

Jobs Removed

The following types of jobs have been removed:

  • ARN (Aracne)

  • ITP (ITPilot)

  • JDBC

The remaining types of jobs are VDP, VDPCache and VDPIndexer.

Other Elements Removed

The following types of elements have been removed:

  • Aracne Custom Crawlers

  • Filter sequences

  • File-Repository exporters

  • Move-File-Repository handler

  • SQL exporters

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