Reports Section

In the Reports section of parameterized jobs, it can be specified what individual reports (i.e. the sub-reports corresponding with each execution of the parameterized query) should be added to the report of each job execution. The user can choose to include only those individual reports informing about an error or, on the other hand, to include all. It is also possible to limit the number of individual reports for each job execution. By default, only individual reports with errors will be stored, and the default maximum is 100. It is important to note that every execution of a job will generate a new report (regardless of this configuration). If the job is parameterized, each combination of the input parameter values will generate a new individual report that will be included in the main job report (as a sub-report). If this individual report does not contain any errors and the user has enabled the “Include only individual reports with errors” check box or if the number of individual reports (for the same main report) has reached the maximum configured number, it will be not added to the main report and it will be discarded.

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