Data Sources

To configure the extraction jobs, or the sources for obtaining parameters for those jobs that can specify a parameterizable query (see section VDP Extraction Section), the user needs to create data sources.

Managing data sources is accomplished in the “Data Sources” perspective (Data sources screen), where a list of the existing data sources is shown. It is possible to filter them by project name; data source name or type; or source location. Once a data source has been created, it can be changed or deleted on vertical ellipsis in its row.

Data sources screen

Data sources screen

There is also a button to create a new data source; when clicking on it, a list of the different types that can be created is shown: Scheduler Index, CSV, JDBC, VDP, and Elasticsearch. For each data source type it is necessary to specify a name and a set of parameters depending on the type. The following describes the configuration needed to create or edit each of them.

By default, Denodo Scheduler provides as many data sources as the ones provided by the Denodo Platform servers that have been installed ( “scheduler index” and “vdp”).

It is important to note that only users with Admin permission over a project can manage (create, edit and remove) its data sources. Of course, a user with global Admin permission can manage data sources in every project.

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