Configuring Mode

To enable the Automated Mode (AWS), click the menu Configuration > Automated mode > AWS.

Automated Mode (AWS) general configuration

Automated Mode (AWS) general configuration

In General, you can configure:

  • AWS credentials and access keys: enter the access key ID and the secret access key of the AWS account of your organization. You can check the page Access Keys of the AWS documentation for further details. The Solution Manager stores these encrypted.

    We suggest reading What is IAM? and Security best practices in IAM of the documentation of AWS to understand how identity management works in AWS.

  • Denodo Support Access Keys (optional): enter the access key ID and secret access key provided by Denodo Support. The Solution Manager will use these credentials to:

    • Download the updates from the Denodo Support site.

    • Obtain the identifier of the Amazon Machine Images (AMI) generated by Denodo. These AMIs include the Denodo Platform pre-installed and are configured to be managed with the Solution Manager.

    To get the credentials of the Denodo Support account of your organization, follow the instructions in the Denodo Support Site Quick Start Guide

  • Logging & Updates (optional): to enable S3 centralized logging, enter this:

    • Profile for S3 bucket: profile that will be used for the S3 bucket that will store the logs.

    • S3 base location URL: URL of the bucket and folder where the logs will be saved. For instance s3://my-bucket/denodo-logs/.

Normally, you can leave the boxes in Server access empty. If you installed the Solution Manager or the License Manager on a computer that the AWS EC2 instances will not be able to resolve using its hostname or use different ports, expand Server access and fill in the boxes:

Automated Mode (AWS) - Server access

Automated Mode (AWS) - Server access

This may occur if the Solution Manager or the License Manager where installed on a computer on your premises, and there is no direct access to this computer from outside, only through a VPN.

You can specify the hostname or ports to be used from the AWS server instances to connect to the Solution manager or License Manager. Leaving any field empty means using the default values.

In Default region & AMIs, configure:

  • Default region: the region that will be used by default when you create a new AWS cloud environment.


In Denodo Standard, you cannot use a custom AMI. See also Restrictions of Denodo Standard.

  • The default AMIs for each type of product (Virtual DataPort, Scheduler and Data Catalog).

    • Custom: the AMI id that you provide will be the default value for each type of server when you create a new cluster in automated mode. To create a custom AMI follow the instructions of the appendix Creating A Custom AMI for the Denodo Platform.

    Automated Mode (AWS) - Default region & AMIs

    Automated Mode (AWS) - Default region & AMIs

    • Provided: You can select an AMI provided by Denodo if you have Denodo Support Access Keys configured with correct values.

    Automated Mode (AWS) - Provided AMIs

    Automated Mode (AWS) - Provided AMIs