Introducing the Solution Manager Administration Tool

The default URL for the administration tool of the Solution Manager is http://localhost:19090/solution-manager-web-tool.

This tool has two main areas:

  1. My Applications

  2. Administration

My Applications

The area My Applications is what you see right after you log in. Once the administrator has defined the environments in the Solution Manager, this area provides a single point of entry to all the web applications of the Denodo Platform, of all the environments of your organization. The administrator can configure what applications are listed here, for each user and each environment.

Area My Applications

My Applications


To access the area Administration from My Applications, click Open below MANAGE ENVIRONMENTS.

Area Administration


In this area, the administrators can:

  • Manage the environments, clusters and servers. That is, register the Denodo Platform servers that are already installed or use the Automated mode to install and launch Denodo servers on AWS.

  • Manage the license of Denodo.

  • Change the settings of authentication and authorizations: enable single sign-on, create users and roles, grant privileges, etc.

  • Change other settings of the Solution Manager.

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