License Management

In order for a Denodo server to run, you have to make sure that it has access to a Denodo license file. The usual way to configure a license in a Denodo platform was to specify it during the installation, to copy it manually on the machine or to install it through the Control Center. When your organization has a large Denodo deployment, installing a new license may be a cumbersome task, since it has to be performed on every machine of your Denodo infrastructure. The Solution Manager provides an alternative way of managing all your licenses with the introduction of the Denodo global license and the Denodo License Manager.

A Denodo global license is a multi-license file that defines different license scenarios. Each one of these scenarios enables distinct features and restrictions in order to meet different requirements. For example, a scenario can enable some products and another scenario can limit the maximum number of concurrent requests. In the Solution Manager, each environment should have a license scenario assigned. Common license scenarios are:

  • production, for the final production system;

  • staging, for the pre-production system;

  • and development, for the developer machine.

The Denodo License Manager is a centralized place where Denodo servers can obtain their license from and renew it periodically. The License Manager has a global license installed and grants licenses to Denodo servers according to which scenario is assigned on the environment they belong to.


Only global administrators and Solution Manager administrators can configure licenses in the Solution Manager. More information is available in the Authorization section.

Along this chapter you will learn to use the Solution Manager Administration Tool and the License Manager to work with licenses on large Denodo deployments. More specifically, it describes how:

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