Like any other software, the metadata of the Denodo servers evolve in time. Any change of these metadata has its own lifecycle. It is created in a specific environment, tested in another one and finally deployed in production. Migrating these changes from one environment to the next one may be a cumbersome task in enterprises with large Denodo deployments. Notice that you have to apply the changes on every server of the new environment, maybe update the content of the caches and, if you need to maintain the service in the meantime, enable and disable servers or clusters from your load balancer. The Solution Manager helps you along the whole process.

In the Solution Manager, a promotion takes into account all the tasks that you should perform to migrate changes in the servers’ metadata from one environment to another. These changes are represented by a revision, which is a collection of Virtual DataPort elements and Scheduler jobs to migrate. The Solution Manager Administration Tool helps you create revisions. You just select the elements you want to promote from specific Virtual DataPort and Scheduler servers. Finally, you can deploy one or several revisions in the environment you wish. The deployment will execute the changes included in the revisions on every server that belongs to the target environment, updating the caches if needed and considering the deployment strategies you have previously configured for that environment.

The following picture summarizes the promotion process:

Basic promotion example

Basic promotion example

Along this chapter you will learn how to promote revisions from one environment to another using the Solution Manager. More in detail, it describes:

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