Load Revisions from VQL


Only global administrators and promotion administrators can create revisions loading a VQL file. More information is available in the Authorization section.

You can create a revision from a VQL file. In order to do so, go to the revisions table by clicking in the Promotions menu and then Revisions.

Open the revisions table

Open the revisions table

Then click the new-revision-from-vql-btn button on the header of the table and select the source environment.

Load a revision from VQL by clicking the "New Revision from VQL" button in the revisions table

Create a revision by clicking the “New Revision from VQL” button in the revisions table

A new tab opens with the New Revision from VQL dialog.

New Revision from VQL Dialog

The New Revision from VQL dialog looks like the picture below:

Dialog to create a new revision from VQL

Dialog to create a new revision from VQL

You can fill the following information in the dialog:

  • Name: Descriptive name for the revision.

  • Description: Extensive description about the revision. This field is optional.

  • VQL: Dropzone to select the VQL file.

To create a revision, fill the forms, add the VQL file and click the save button save-btn on the top.

If the selected VQL file does not have Virtual DataPort properties, the next confirmation dialog is shown:

Confirm creation of a revision from VQL without VDP properties

Confirm revision creation without Virtual DataPort properties.