JVM Memory Configuration

The Solution Manager installation contains several servers running on a Java Virtual Machine with the following default memory configuration:

Default memory values for each of the Solution Manager servers

Virtual Data Port Server

1024 Megabytes

Virtual Data Port Administration Tool

512 Megabytes

Solution Manager Server

1024 Megabytes

License Manager Server

1024 Megabytes

Web Container

1024 Megabytes

In general, the default values are the recommended ones. However, in some situations, when dealing with heavy files it might be necessary to increase these values. For example, when loading heavy diagnostics into the Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool the memory assigned to the embedded Virtual Data Port Server should be upgraded to 4096 Megabytes.

If the VDP servers deal with huge datasets or the Solution Manager is configured to generate backups in VCS or execute rollbacks, it might be needed to increase the Solution Manager Server heap size to 4096 Megabytes or higher. This could prevent the Solution Manager Server from running out of memory creating revisions or promoting revisions.

The memory used by the servers can be configured in the Denodo Platform Control Center or through Command Line

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