Mapping Multidimensional Data to a Relational Model

Virtual DataPort can obtain data from several multidimensional databases (SAP BW 3, SAP BI 7, Mondrian, Oracle Essbase, etc.)

This section explains how the data of a multidimensional structure is mapped to a relational representation.

The members of a multidimensional cube are organized in dimensions, hierarchies and levels:

  • Each dimension may have one or more hierarchies

  • Each hierarchy is composed by a set of levels

  • Levels have a hierarchical organization. That is, a level may have a parent and/or a children level.

To extract data from a multidimensional database, you have to create a multidimensional base view. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Graphically, by selecting the hierarchies of the dimensions, measures, attributes and variables, that will form the base view. See section Creating a Multidimensional Base Views Over a Multidimensional Data Source.

  2. Or, writing an MDX query.

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