Change Password Script (VDP)

The script change_password updates the password for a local VDP user. This script is located within the file <DENODO_HOME>/tools/db/

Syntax of the “change_password” script
change_password [-i] -h <host> -p <port> -l <login> -P <password> -n <new password>

-i: Optional. Activates interactive mode. When interactive mode active, all parameters that are not passed as arguments will be requested by prompt.

-h <host>: host name of VDP server.

-p <port>: port of VDP server.

-l <login>: username of the user account which password will be changed.

-P <password>: current password of the user.

-n <new password>: the new password for the user.

You can encrypt both passwords with the command <DENODO_HOME>/bin/encrypt_password "<password>". Then, copy the output of this command and pass it as an argument of this parameter, with the prefix encrypted. For example, -P encrypted:Gr16MjvuXhRzPtPH/yTXHw==.

Example of invoking the script with the password encrypted
./change_password -h localhost -p 9999 -l userA -P encrypted:/IN4bU65XBHEg8oD+SyWkCk4Lh9wWtJvGPkyu1MChU8+W7glH
-n encrypted:iioPkS32TxGoDY4109Lp0Q12cTye7DvA/5VKTEjMAFv+/XaGQkAYLAP4KD1fZ3KGae797G

The new password has to meet the Password Policies in the Denodo Platform and Solution Manager.

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