Generic Support for Other Databases

Virtual DataPort can store the cached data in several database management systems (DBMS) out of the box. In addition, you can configure Virtual DataPort to store the cached data in any other DBMS.

To store the cache in another DBMS, configure the cache of the Server/database to use the Generic DB Adapter. When using this adapter, the Server uses the configuration set in the following files:

  • <DENODO_HOME>/conf/vdp/cacheConfig-generic.xml

  • Or <DENODO_HOME>/conf/vdp/cacheConfig-generic-unicode.xml

The structure of both configuration files is the same. The Server reads the configuration from the first file when the UTF-8 data types check box is cleared and from the second one when this check box is selected. The Server has two different files because usually, databases use different data types for columns configured to store UTF-8 strings.

When you enable the cache engine, the Server creates several tables in the external DBMS that will be used to keep track of the name of the table where the cached data of each view is stored. In addition, when you enable the cache for a view, the Server creates a table with the same schema as the view.

These configuration files define the type of column in the DBMS used to store each type of field: text, int, float, double, etc.

In these configuration files, you usually have to customize the value of the elements type, of the element datatypes. For example, the following element defines that the columns that store fields of type text will be created with the type VARCHAR(4000).

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