Creating Data Sources and Base Views

To retrieve data from a repository of data (a database, a SOAP web service, an XML file, etc.), first you need to create a data source in Denodo. A data source represents one repository of data. Then, you need to create one or more base views over each data source. The base views represent the entities in the source. For example, each base view of a JDBC data source is associated to a table or view of the database; each base view of a SOAP data source represents an operation of the web service, etc.

The easiest way to do this is using the administration tool. You can also do it using VQL (Denodo’s extension of SQL), however it is more cumbersome and prone to errors.

The following subsections explain how to use the administration tool to create a data source of each type:

After creating the necessary data sources, you can create derived views that combine and transform the data obtained from the sources.


In Denodo Professional, the maximum number of data sources is 5 (see Denodo Platform - Subscription Bundles).

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