Import Tags from External Catalog

Import tags from external catalog allow you to import tags and tagged objects from an external Catalog.

Tags and tagged objects can be managed from Virtual DataPort as described in Tags Management or they can be imported from an external catalog as shown below.

The tags and information of tagging can be imported in Virtual DataPort in two ways:

  • Generic: Virtual DataPort has information in a view about tags and tagged objects.

  • Collibra: Virtual DataPort import information of tagging from a remote Collibra server.


This feature is only available with the subscription bundle Enterprise Plus. To find out the bundle you have, open the About dialog of the Design Studio or the Administration Tool. See more about this in the section Denodo Platform - Subscription Bundles.


Currently, the tags of Virtual DataPort are not related to the tags of Data Catalog.

This screen has two tabs, Configuration and External Catalog. It is necessary to configure the mode you are using to import (Generic or Collibra) before using it.



The Configuration tab of Generic mode allows configure the view that contains information about Tags and tagged objects. You must select the database and the view in Virtual DataPort that contains this information. The columns of the view are described in Create tags from view.

Import tags from external catalog: Generic Configuration

Generic configuration


The configuration tab of Collibra mode defines the connection to a Collibra Server. As an example you can see the next image. You could configure a proxy server if it is needed.

Import tags from external catalog: Collibra Configuration

Collibra configuration

External Catalog

This tab allows you import tags and information about tagged objects from a external server. You can configure different options in the Generic mode and Collibra mode. Both modes have the option Show views defined in Catalog that do not exists in VirtualDataPort that indicates if you like see the changes about objects that are not defined in Virtual DataPort.


This image shows the import options you have when you select the Generic mode. Options are explained in CREATE_TAGS_FROM_VIEW.

Import tags from external catalog: Generic import

Generic import


This image show the import options you have when you select the Collibra mode. Options are explained in CREATE_TAGS_FROM_COLLIBRA.

Import tags from external catalog: Collibra import

Collibra import

Preview affected views

This preview displays the tagged objects: views and columns. The column Changes show the number of tags (added or removed) of the element. For views that have tagged columns, the columns Change show the sum of changes that have all the columns of the view when the row is collapsed. If you click in the cell of this column, the table displays the tags added and removed of the object in the right part of the preview.

This dialog is displaying a preview. To apply these changes, click Accept changes.

Preview affected views examples

Example 1

This example shows only added tags from the catalog to the Virtual DataPort. This is a typical situation when you catalog the elements from the first time.

Import tags from external catalog: preview example 1

Preview example 1

Example 2

This is an example when you have added and removed tags from a catalog. This is a typical situation when you update the tagged objects from the catalog.

Import tags from external catalog: preview example 2

Preview example 2

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