Launching the Denodo Monitor

After changing the configuration file as explained in the previous section, go to the <DENODO_MONITOR_HOME>/bin directory. The following sections explain how to use the scripts of this directory to monitor your Denodo servers.

Start Denodo Monitor

To launch all the monitors you have configured, execute the script denodomonitor_startup with this syntax:

Syntax of the script denodomonitor_startup to start monitoring
    [ --directory <logs_path> ]
    [ --workspace <work_path> ]
    [ --singlepass ]

The supported options are:

  • -d, --directory <logs_path>. You can configure the directory where the log files will be stored. When not specified, the logs are stored at <DENODO_MONITOR_HOME>/logs.

  • -w, --workspace <work_path>. You can launch the same instance of the Denodo Monitor with different configurations at the same time using a different workspace for each execution. When you specify a workspace, the Denodo Monitor will look for the configuration in the directory <work_path>/conf. In addition, the logs will be stored in the directory <work_path>/logs, unless a specific logs directory was indicated with the option --directory <logs_path> or -d <logs_path>. When not specified, the workspace by default is the <DENODO_MONITOR_HOME> directory.

  • -s, --singlepass. If this parameter is present, the Denodo Monitor does a single execution of all the “monitors”, prints the results in the logs and exits. Otherwise, the Denodo Monitor runs indefinitely waiting for a shutdown request.


    In the singlepass mode, the Virtual DataPort monitors are not launched.

Stop Denodo Monitor

To stop the execution of the Denodo Monitor in a controlled way, execute the script denodomonitor_shutdown with this syntax:

Syntax of the script denodomonitor_shutdown to stop monitoring
    [ --workspace <work_path> ]


If you launched the Denodo Monitor in a specific workspace, you have to stop it using the same workspace.

Obtain a Memory Dump with the Denodo Monitor

To request a memory dump of one of the Denodo servers, execute the script denodomonitor_startup with the following syntax:

Syntax of the script denodomonitor_startup to request a memory dump
    [ --heapdump <Denodo server> ]

<Denodo server> ::=
    | browserpool
    | verification
    | scheduler
    | schedulerindex

The result is stored in the temporary directory of the host where the Denodo server is running.

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