Server Monitors

The Server monitors log data about the running threads and memory usage of Denodo servers. They connect to the Denodo server via JMX so, unlike local monitors, they can obtain information from servers running in a different host than the Denodo Monitor.

There are two server monitors:

Resources Monitors

The Resources monitor logs several parameters of the memory footprint of a Denodo server.

The output is logged to denodo-monitor/logs/<Denodo server name>-resources.log

The information collected is the following:

  • Memory information: memory usage of the JVM that executes the monitored Server: Perm Gen, Survivor Space, Tenured Gen, Eden Space, Code Cache, Heap Memory Usage and Non-Heap Memory Usage.

  • Classes information: number of currently loaded classes (Loaded Class Count), total number of loaded classes (Total Loaded Class Count), number of threads (Thread Count) and maximum number of threads (Peak Thread Count).

  • Virtual DataPort Information (only when the monitor is connected to a Virtual DataPort server)

    • VDP Total Conn. Number of connections opened during the interval.

    • VDP Active Conn. Number of currently opened connections.

    • VDP Active Requests. Number of requests that are currently being executed.

    • VDP Waiting Requests. Number of queued requests.

    • VDP Total Mem. Estimate of the total memory occupied by the server.

    • VDP Max Mem. Estimate of the memory peak reached by the server since its start.

Threads Monitors

The Threads monitor logs the threads launched by a Denodo server and how much CPU time they consume.

Its log file is stored in denodo-monitor/conf/<Denodo server name>-threads.log.

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