Information and Events on Transactions

The TransactionsManagementInfo MBeans provide information about the transactions executed in a database of the Server.


This MBean is deprecated and is disabled by default. To enable it, log in as an administrator, execute the following command and then, restart Virtual DataPort:

SET '' = 'true';

The section Features Deprecated in Denodo Platform 8.0 lists all the features that are deprecated.

These MBeans are located in > TransactionsManagementInfo > database name.

There is an MBean of this type for each database and they have the following attributes:

  • DatabaseName. Name of the Virtual DataPort database.

  • MaxTransactions. Maximum number of transactions exported at the same time in the MBean. Each transaction appears as an attribute in the form Transaction<i>.

  • TotalTransactions. Total number of executed transactions since the start of the server.

  • ActiveTransactions. Number of currently active transactions.

  • Transaction <i>. Contains information about the transaction #i. Its subproperties are:

    • Autostarted. Indicates whether the transaction has been explicitly created by the user. All statements modifying the Virtual DataPort catalog must be run within a transaction. Therefore, if the user has not created it, Virtual DataPort will create it itself and, in this case, the value of this property will be false.

    • DatabaseName. Name of the Virtual DataPort database on which the transaction is run.

    • EndTime. Moment at which the transaction ended.

    • Identifier. Transaction ID.

    • SessionID. Session identifier from which the transaction was started.

    • StartTime. Moment at which the transaction started.

    • State. This indicates the status with which the transaction ended. It can take the following values: ROLLBACK or COMMIT.

    • UserName. ID of the user running the transaction.

It is possible to subscribe to the events of the TransactionsManagementInfo MBean. In that case, every time a transaction starts or ends on the specified database, a notification with the following data is received:

  • Timestamp. Moment at which the notification is generated in the JMX server.

  • Type. This type of notification takes the string startTransaction or endTransaction as the type indicator, depending on whether the notification indicates the start or the end of a transaction.

  • UserData. Compound element. Its subproperties are the same as those of the Transaction<i> property described above.

  • SeqNum. Identifier of the notification.

  • Message. If the notification indicates the start of a transaction, its value is “Started the transaction”. If it indicates the end of a transaction, its value is “Finished the transaction”.

  • Event. This will be[,databaseName=<dbname>][type=<type>][message=<msg>]

    , where <dbName> is the name of the database of the Server, <type> is the type of notification (startTransaction or endTransaction) and <msg> is the notification message (Started the transaction or Started the transaction).

  • Source. MBean name.

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