Automatic Simplification of Queries

The Execution Engine tries to simplify the queries before the actual query execution takes place. The goal is to optimize the queries by applying optimization techniques that are always beneficial. For example, removing redundant operations, transforming outer joins to inner joins when possible, etc. As these optimizations are always applied, they are called static optimizations.

This section describes the most important static optimizations.

The Automatic simplification of queries is enabled by default, but it can be disabled in the “Queries optimization” dialog of the menu “Administration > Server configuration” (see section Queries Optimization).

To enable/disable this optimization for a specific database, click Database management in the Administration menu, select the database and click Edit. Then, select Automatic simplification of queries on or off and click Ok. In this dialog, if “Automatic simplification of queries” is Default, the database has the configuration defined in the “Queries optimization” dialog.

These are some of the simplifications performed by Execution Engine:

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