Automatic Summary Recommendations

To make the most of the Smart Query acceleration for analytics it is important to select the right set of summaries. However, defining these summaries manually can be difficult in some cases. The AI & Recommendations Feature Pack for the Denodo Platform includes the Summary Recommendations tool, which makes this process much easier. This tool analyzes information about real queries and automatically recommends summaries to accelerate that workload.

Process Setup Overview

This process includes three phases:

  1. Monitor the environment that you want to optimize in order to generate valuable information from the queries executed on your production servers. To gather the necessary information use the monitoring feature of the Solution Manager making sure the monitor ‘Query blocks’ is selected. For more information about this step see section How to Monitor an Environment for Summary Recommendations.

  1. Make the logs available to the Virtual DataPort server (only the first time you run the Summary Recommendations tool): in the Virtual DataPort server you will use to launch this tool, import the VQL summary_recommendations_db.vql included in folder /resources/vdp/query_acceleration of the Denodo Platform installation. This template creates a database ‘query_acceleration’ containing the interfaces i_queryblock_notification and i_request_notification. Adapt the implementations to access the information from the ‘Queries’ and ‘Query blocks’ monitors respectively. For more information about this step see section Make the logs information available to a VDP server.

  2. Generate recommendations: From the Administration Tool, navigate to Tools -> Query optimizations -> Summary Recommendations. Select the date range of the queries you want to consider and click on ‘Generate recommendations’. For more information about this step see section Run the Summary Recommendations Tool.


The following sections describe each of the steps in more detail.


This feature is only available with the AI & Recommendations Feature Pack. To find out the subscription bundle you have, open the About dialog of the Design Studio or the Administration Tool.