How to Monitor an Environment for Summary Recommendations

This section explains in detail the first of the necessary steps to configure the automatic summary recommendations described in section Process Setup Overview.

The Solution Manager allows you to monitor an environment or even specific servers very easily. First you need to click Configuration > Monitoring configuration.


Check the ‘Query blocks’ monitor and make sure Queries is also selected.


Then you just need to select the environment or servers you want to accelerate and click ‘Start Monitor’.


The Solution Manager generates the log files in folder <SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>/resources/solution-manager-monitor/work:

  • Log files of environments: <EnvironmentName>/logs

  • Log files of clusters: <EnvironmentName>/<ClusterName>/logs

  • Log files of servers: <EnvironmentName>/<ClusterName>/<ServerName>/logs

For example, if you monitor the “Production” environment, the logs are in folder <SOLUTION_MANAGER_HOME>/resources/solution-manager-monitor/work/Production/logs.

For detailed information about monitoring using the Solution Manager please visit the Solution Manager Administration Guide. It contains information not only about how to start and stop the monitoring but also how to modify the default configuration. For example, how to store the logging information in a JDBC database.

An alternative way to monitor the desired server or servers without using the Solution Manager is to use the Denodo Monitor tool. This tool is located in <DENODO_HOME>/tools/monitor. In order to generate the necessary logs you need to:

  • Edit the file <DENODO_HOME>/tools/monitor/conf/

  • Search for the property vdp.monitors

  • Add vdpqueryblocks to the list of monitors you want to consider and vdpqueries in case it was not already there.

Then start the monitor normally. Once running you will notice there is a log called vdp-queryblocks.log in the logs folder. For detailed instructions on how to use this tool visit section Denodo Monitor.

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