Credentials Vault

Virtual DataPort provides support to obtain the credentials of JDBC data sources from an external Credentials Vault.

When you configure a JDBC data source, you provide the credentials of a service account of that database. The data source will use these credentials to connect to the database and execute queries. Even if you enable pass-through session credentials, the data source uses this service account to show the tables and view of the database, during the process of creating base views.

To indicate the credentials of this service account you can:

  1. Enter the user and password of this account.

  2. Or configure the data source to retrieve the user and password from a credentials vault, when it needs to connect to the database.

There are several benefits to using a credentials vault. Mainly:

  • The passwords are not stored in Virtual DataPort. Even though the data source stores the password encrypted, it is more secure if it is stored in a password vault.

  • Changing the credentials of a service account is easier because you only have to change it in the credentials vault.

    Limiting the lifespan of a password reduces vulnerability to password-based attacks. With a credentials vault, the process of changing the password of service accounts is easier.

Supported Credentials Vaults

Virtual DataPort supports these credentials vaults: