Design Studio Query Monitor

The Query Monitor lists all the statements that Virtual DataPort is currently processing: SELECT, CALL, CREATE VIEW, ALTER DATASOURCE JDBC, CREATE USER, etc.

The Query Monitor is available to all users but the queries a user sees depend on the privileges granted to the user:

  • Normal users only see the statements they execute; not the ones from other users.

  • The administrators of a database see all the queries executed in that database.

  • Users of type administrator and users with the roles serveradmin and/or monitor_admin can see all the statements running in all databases.

To open it, click Query Monitor on the Tools menu.

Query Monitor

Query Monitor

The queries are listed in a table on the top of the dialog. If you select a row of this table, the Monitor displays the Execution trace of the query. Click the nodes of the trace to display information about them, such as number of processed rows, state, etc.

To store the current execution trace and the tree of views, click Save.

The format used to display the information is identical to the one used in the execution trace (see section Execution Trace of a Statement).

The Monitor updates automatically the list of queries unless you clear the Automatically refresh every… check box. In this case, you can click Update to update the list manually.

To stop the execution of a query, select its row in the table and click Stop query.

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