Other Version Control Operations

This section describes commands that are common to all the supported Version Control Systems.


The Discard operation discards local modifications and eliminations (i.e. non-committed changes):

  • On single elements.

  • On a folder and its contents.

  • On a database and its contents.

The scope of a discard operation is restricted to the scope of the selected element: no dependencies outside of the scope will be considered for the discard operation.


The only exception to this behavior will happen when including global elements in the discard operation. This will be the case if a database-level discard operation detects that there are elements depending on global elements with local changes: the operation will be aborted and you will be asked to confirm if you wish to discard changes on the affected global elements.

This means that if you are, for instance, discarding local changes on a derived view that depends on a modified base view, only the derived view will be restored. This operation could fail (for example, the restored version of the derived view could be incompatible with the base view’s current schema). In cases like this, you will be informed about the errors and about which are the modified dependencies of each element which failed to be restored.

Regarding unversioned and synchronized elements:

  • They are not affected by discard operations.

  • They cannot be the target of a discard operation.

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