VCS Settings of the Administration Tool

The dialog “VCS Configuration” controls the VCS settings of the Administration Tool. To open it, open the Admin Tool preferences on the menu Tools and click the VCS tab.

External diff viewer configuration

External diff viewer configuration

We recommend configuring the Administration Tool to use an external diff viewer tool. This will make it easier two compare the content of conflicting elements when performing check-ins and check-outs.

To do this, enter the path to the diff viewer tool executable in the Diff viewer path field. Usually, the default value of the Arguments pattern box is correct: "%localpath" "%remotepath". This box defines how to launch the tool to compare the two files passed as arguments. If you need to change the arguments, note that you have to use the tokens %localpath and %remotepath as the paths to the files that are going to be compared.

To enable “conflict detection” in Virtual DataPort, select Enable conflict detection. The sections Check In / Commit Operations and Check Out / Update Operations explain how enabling or disabling “conflict detection” affect the behavior of the check in and check out operations of Subversion and Microsoft TFS.

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