Search Engines

In the Search engines dialog you can configure search index for a Virtual DataPort server. It is possible to enable the search by content in all the views of that server and metadata search in index.

Index Servers

Data Catalog supports two types of index servers:

  • Scheduler Index.

  • Elasticsearch. This is the recommended option for big indices to search by content, using an Elasticsearch server running on cluster.


Support for Elasticsearch versions 5.x and 6.x is deprecated and will be removed in Denodo 9.

To enable an index search for a Virtual DataPort server, follow these steps:

  1. Log in the Data Catalog with an administrator account and go to Administration > Set-up and management > Search engines. In the Index servers tab you can configure the index servers.

    Dialog to configure the index servers

    Dialog to configure the index servers

  2. Click the Add server button to register an index server and enter the following values:

    • Name. The name of the index server.

    • Description. A description for the index server.

    • Type. Select between Scheduler Index or Elasticsearch 5.6+ / 6.x / 7.x.

    • Host. The hostname of the machine where the index server is running.

    • Port. The port of the index server.

    • Login and Password. The credentials of the account used to connect to the server index. They are optional.

    • Use secure connection. Enable this option to connect to the index server through a SSL/TLS channel. This option is only available for Elasticsearch servers.

    Dialog to add an index server

    Dialog to add an index server

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