VDP-based Authentication

When there is no other authentication configured, the Data Catalog will delegate the authentication to the Virtual DataPort server you are trying to connect to. To log in, you will have to provide your username and password in a dialog like the one below. If there are several Virtual DataPort servers registered in the Data Catalog, you also have to select which server you are going to connect to.

Login page for VDP-based authentication in the Data Catalog

Login page for VDP-based authentication in the Data Catalog

In case there is another authentication method configured, you can force the VDP-based authentication by navigating to the URL http://localhost:9090/denodo-data-catalog?auth=login.

An administrator of Virtual DataPort can configure the authentication in the following ways:

  • Creating user accounts in Virtual DataPort. The authentication is resolved by Virtual DataPort.

  • Configuring an LDAP server that manages the user accounts and resolves the authentication. The LDAP server can be configured to resolve all authentication requests or only those requests for a specific database.


    If Virtual DataPort has configured the authentication with an LDAP server only for a particular database, remember to register the Virtual DataPort server in the Data Catalog with a connection URL that points to that database.