Besides organizing your views and web services in categories, the Data Catalog allows you to assign tags to your resources. A tag is a label you can use to describe an element and to retrieve it later when browsing or searching.

Tags can be defined directly using Data Catalog or it is also possible to import them from Virtual DataPort during synchronization with the Semantics FeaturePack. Both are available for browsing or searching, but they are slightly different:

  • Tags imported from Virtual DataPort are read-only. It is not possible to edit or assign them in Data Catalog.

  • Virtual DataPort allows you to assign tags to views and view fields.

  • Tags defined in Data Catalog can be assigned to views and web services, but not to their fields.

To start browsing your views and web services by tags, go to Browse > Tag. The sidebar shows the list of tags available in the Data Catalog. Click a tag and access to its details.

Browsing by tags

Browsing by tags

In the right panel, you can navigate to the following tabs:

  • Summary. This tab gives you a description for the tag. If this tag was created within Data Catalog and you have the proper permissions, you will be able to edit this information. Use the edit icon next to the name or description to update its value. Click the Assign tag button and access to a new page where you can change the set of views and web services that are described by the tag.

  • Views. This tab shows the views assigned to the selected tag. If the tag was imported from Virtual DataPort, it also shows those views containing some field assigned to the tag. To check how many fields matched for a view, click its more-info icon. For more details on tagged fields, click the search-file icon and a new dialog will be displayed with the following information for each field:

    • Name.

    • Tags. This column shows the list of all field tags. Note that the selected tag will be highlighted. To navigate to the details of a tag, just click its name.

    • Description.

    Dialog with the view fields tagged

    Dialog with the view fields tagged

  • Web services. This tab shows the web services assigned to the selected tag. For tags imported from Virtual DataPort, the results list will be empty.

You can filter the tags in the sidebar using the search bar under the Filter tags title. Type some query terms on it and press ENTER (or click the search icon).


When you are browsing by tags, the Data Catalog shows you the elements stored in its metadata. If there were changes in Virtual DataPort since the last time the Data Catalog was synchronized, these changes will not be reflected.

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