The purpose of the Data Catalog is to discover the resources located in a Virtual DataPort by searching or browsing. One of these resources are the views. When you find a view of your interest, click its name. You will see all the available information about it, considering both the metadata retrieved from Virtual DataPort and the metadata added by other users of the Data Catalog.

The information about a view is organized in the following tabs:

  • Summary. The summary tab shows the basic information of the view: database, categories, description, etc.

  • Schema. In the schema tab you can find the list of view fields, with their types and descriptions.

  • Query. The query tab has a wizard to help you build and launch queries on the view.

  • Assisted Query. The assisted query tab allows you to generate a query explaining what you need in your own language.

  • Relationships. The relationships tab displays a graph where the view is linked to those views related to it. Two views are related when there is an association between them.

  • Data lineage. The data lineage tab displays a diagram with the current view and all the views it depends on. You can check the path that follows the data for each field in the schema, from the data sources to the view, traversing all the intermediate views.

  • Requests. The requests tab displays the requests created on this view.

  • Usage. The usage tab gives information about the queries that Virtual DataPort executed on the view.

  • Data profiling. The data profiling tab describes the values you can find for each field in the view: average size, data range, number of distinct values, etc.

  • Search. In the same way as the search by content, the search tab allows you to check which tuples of the view match some query terms.

In addition, an administrator of the Data Catalog can add custom properties to the view to improve the information you have about it. According to the configuration, they will appear inside a new section of the Summary tab or in a new tab.

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