Email Templates

The subject and body of email notifications can be customized in HTML or plain text. To do this, you can refer to <DENODO_HOME>/conf/data-catalog/

In the properties file, if you want to customize an email, you can specify the notification type and whether it is for the subject or content. The available notification types are: REQUEST_NEW, REQUEST_CANCELED, REQUEST_EDITED_DESCRIPTION, REQUEST_NEW_MESSAGE and REQUEST_EDITED_MESSAGE; followed by the suffix _SUBJECT (if it is for the subject) or _BODY (if it is for the body). For example: REQUEST_NEW_SUBJECT or REQUEST_EDITED_DESCRIPTION_BODY.


These properties should be defined in one line without line breaks.

General properties:

  • DATA_CATALOG_URL: the URL of the Data Catalog.

  • CUSTOM_DATE_FORMATTER: date time pattern to format datetime type placeholders in the email.

Placeholders that can be used:

  • %%request.requestId%%: request id.

  • %%request.summary%%: request summary.

  • %%request.description%%: request description.

  • %%request.requestType%%: request type (value printed: “access request”, “metadata change request”, “data quality issue” or “question”).

  • %%request.priority%%: request priority (value printed: “low”, “medium”, “high” or “critical”).

  • %%request.status%%: request status (value printed: “new”, “in progress”, “completed”, “canceled” or “denied”).

  • %%request.usernameCreation%%: request author.

  • %%request.creationDate%%: request creation date.

  • %%request.usernameModification%%: request user modification.

  • %%request.lastModificationDate%%: request last modification date.

  • %%request.elements%%: request elements.

  • %%request.elements.links%%: requests elements as links.

REQUEST_NEW_MESSAGE and REQUEST_EDITED_MESSAGE email notifications can also use message properties as placeholders:

  • %%message.requestId%%: message id of the request.

  • %%message.description%%: message text.

  • %%message.usernameCreation%%: message author.

  • %%message.creationDate%%: message creation date.

  • %%message.usernameModification%%: message modification user.

  • %%message.lastModificationDate%%: message modification date.

REQUEST_EDITED_MESSAGE email notifications can also use:

  • %%message.previousDescription%%: previous message description.

REQUEST_EDITED_DESCRIPTION email notifications can also use:

  • %%request.previousDescription%%: previous request description.

For more details, please refer directly to file

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