Using Kerberos Authentication

To develop an application that logs into Virtual DataPort using Kerberos authentication, do the following:

  1. Add the parameter krbsrvname=HTTP to the connection string.

  2. In the parameter Server of the connection string, put the full qualified domain of the Virtual DataPort server. That is, what you have in the field Server principal of the Kerberos settings of the Virtual DataPort server, without the prefix HTTP/ nor @<domain name>. I.e. if the server principal name, is HTTP/, the Server parameter has to be, not an alias you have on the DNS.

For example,

string connectionString =
     ";" +
     "Port=9996;" +
     "Database=admin" +

As we are using Kerberos authentication, we do not need to provide the properties “Username” nor “Password” in the connection string.

To use Kerberos authentication, these conditions have to be met:

  1. The application has to use the version 2.2.7 version of the Npgsql provider. Earlier versions do not support Kerberos authentication.

  2. The Virtual DataPort database to which the application connects has to be configured with the option “ODBC/ authentication type” set to “Kerberos”.

  3. The host where the application runs has to belong to the Windows domain. The reason is that the adapter uses the ticket cache of the operating system to obtain “ticket-granting ticket” (TGT)

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